Episode 3: The Frat Party

Steve is in a fraternity. This particular fraternity likes to throw big parties and have sex with lots of girls. Everything is moving along just fine until some uninvited guests show up. Hilarity ensues, or perhaps complete and utter chaos is a better way to describe it. All of this is set to one of the heaviest and progressive metal instrumentals to come along in years.

Episode 1: Somewhere in Hancock

What happens when two sorority girls go on a road trip to West Virginia?

We are introduced to Amber and Jamie, two friends that complement each other well. Amber being the hyper sexualized girl who is outspoken and comfortable receiving lots of attention, while Jamie exudes more of a quiet confidence and knows how to go with the flow.

After having a meal at the diner, the two girls continue down the highway in hopes of reaching a secluded cabin where they can let loose with some guy “friends.” Unfortunately, things don’t work out the way they had hoped.

until next time…..

Sam Fishman


The Prologue

The first installment of Cicada Madness takes place inside the offices of a well established record label. I play myself in this sketch, with Mike Pollock (Dr. Eggman of Sonic the Hedgehog) as the record executive. I have no business being at this meeting, but somehow I was able to set up an appointment. 

This is a short scene, but there is a lot happening here. The record exec is clearly frustrated about what he just listened to (Cicada Madness!) and explains that there is no way he can sell this as a concept album.

Of course, after I leave the office, the exec calls up his business partner and tells her I have a great idea!

Until next time….

Sam Fishman