Journey to the

"End Of Time"


A new listening experience from Sam Fishman




In one year's time, I collaborated with top musicians in the progressive rock scene in order to bring this epic journey to life.

This is not a casual endeavor. "End Of Time" is a large scale work that explores the human condition and the universal battle between good and evil. Using classic storytelling techniques, I have decided to include a narration that flows throughout the recording. Every song is about a universal truth that we must face. Examples include hatred, distraction, escapism, and living with tragedy. Although these are serious topics, they give birth to acceptance and finding inner peace and love.

My goal is to bring this unique experience to the classroom, where students can listen to the recording together and analyze the meaning behind the story. Using contemporary musical forms as a catalyst, students will be able to engage in critical thinking and meaningful dialogue surrounding the universal truths mentioned earlier.

Not only will students be captivated, they will also be harnessing their creativity.

Sample Questions:

How does this recording tell a story?

What are some of the topics introduced?

What's the instrumentation?

Where does this fit in the larger context of music?

Do I feel comfortable talking about good and evil?

How can I become a better person by thinking about these universal truths?